Ready to Serve: Frozen Yogurt Machine!

frozen yogurt machine

What frozen yogurt flavors are you planning to serve today? Will it be chocolate and caramel or cookies and cream? Wondering how to create and serve a new frozen yogurt flavor every afternoon or night? The answer lies with this magical machine called the frozen yogurt machine.

Yes! The frozen yogurt machine is not just an ordinary every day equipment that creates soft serve frozen yogurt but is being used by professionals planning to open their own frozen yogurt shop. This extraordinary piece of equipment can help you to create and serve several different flavors including the following:

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Chocolate chips

Peanut butter





What to Look for in Frozen Yogurt Machine.

Frozen yogurt machines of today are highly advanced equipment that are being used today by some of the big businesses out there in ice cream and frozen yogurt. There are basically four aspects that you need to consider when buying these machines and they are:

  1. Quality: The quality depends primarily on the type of equipment. For example: some equipment are considered as highly pressurized systems that might not be capable of churning self-serve frozen yogurt on large quantities while there are some machines that have a single compressor for freezing cylinders and can produce beautifully textured and creamy yogurt. The quality of the equipment depends on how much it can produce, ease of use, and the flavors it is capable of handling.
  2. Service: This area is all about maintenance cost. How much will it take to maintain the equipment on an annual basis? Depending on the type of frozen yogurt machine, it can be low maintenance or high maintenance. Another aspect that you need to consider in this area is the after sales service offered and the warranty on the product. Is the warranty on specific parts or the whole equipment?
  3. Cost: This is a primary factor along with the others. If a machine costs $10,000 or above and is high on quality but low on maintenance then it will not be cost effective in the long run!
  4. Product Consistency: This is a factor that deals with the chosen frozen yogurt machine handling consistent production of yogurts on a long-term basis. The machine should not produce creamy yogurt for a week and then start churning stiff or hard yogurt. That’s a no-no!

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The big question is whether you can find a frozen yogurt machine of your choice or not. In order to do so, you need to first understand what this equipment is all about.

The Machine and how it works

There are different types of equipment that can be used for making frozen yogurt but the most recommended is a commercial grade soft-serve machine. A commercial grade frozen yogurt machine comprises of the following components or areas:

  1. Hopper: This is the component where the frozen yogurt mix is poured
  2. Freezing cylinder: The cylinder is basically a shaft that has been fixed inside the machine horizontally. This is where the yogurt mix drops from the hopper and then the freezing process takes place.
  3. Beaters: They are components that are situated within the freezing cylinder and their role is to ensure the yogurt mix doesn’t turn completely frozen. It does so by spinning the mix. Beaters also help in whipping air into the frozen yogurt machine so that the final outcome is a nice and creamy product.
  4. Front plate: This component is attached to the front side of soft serve machine and comes replete with handles. The component has a small opening from where the frozen yogurt is dispensed. Standard machines have a star-shaped opening to give the frozen yogurt the most recognizable design.
  5. Overrun: This refers to the air existing in the mix. One of the crucial elements of preparing great frozen yogurt is air as it ensures the final outcome is a nice and creamy frozen yogurt. Lack of overrun will lead to producing yogurt that is icy, dense, and without the right taste.

Another important aspect of the machine that you need to consider is the size of the machine. The frozen yogurt machine is available in several different sizes and capacity. Most commonly, they are divided into two types, which are:

Counter-top machines: This is a type of frozen yogurt equipment that sits on top of a counter. These machines vary in capacity from low to medium. Some of the salient aspects of counter tops include:

  • They are available with one or two flavors and one twist.
  • They can make anything from frozen yogurt to soft serve ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, and sorbets
  • These machines come with digital display option that makes it easy to change configuration settings or check status

The Floor machines: This is a type of frozen yogurt equipment that can be moved around because of the rollers. These machines normally are of medium or high capacity. The machines require approximately 220-volts to run the operation. Some of the salient aspects of floor machines include:

  • They offer two flavors and one twist although some models are also available with a single flavor as well.
  • They are available with precision controlled refrigeration system that has been created specifically to ensure high quality of dispensed product and also helps maintain consistency
  • They can weigh anywhere from 300 to 500lbs
  • Some of the machines come with separate hopper refrigeration and have a completely separate compressor solenoid valve for pre-cooling the mix and maintain the temperature of the mix below 4.5℃.

Last but not the least, you should consider between a gravity controlled or pump controlled machine. Gravity and Pump are aspects that define how the yogurt mix travels to the freezing cylinder. The gravity machine has the hopper built on the top. When the mix is poured into the hopper, gravity is used for pulling the mix into the cylinder. In the pump frozen yogurt machine, the hopper is normally pressurized and through pumping, the yogurt mix is sent to the freezing cylinder. The biggest advantage of the gravity fed frozen yogurt equipment is that they are cost effective and easy to repair.

At the end of the day, investment should be made in a machine that is going to serve the most creamy yogurt mix day after day without losing consistency!

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