Frozen Yogurt Maker – Nothing Tastes like home made frozen Yogurt!

Frozen Yogurt Maker

Do you know ice cream is not the only dessert that can be served frozen? You can now serve flavored frozen yogurt thanks to the state of the art frozen yogurt maker! Yes, it is a small appliance that will sit neatly at one corner of the kitchen without much fuss and keep churning out frozen yogurt day after day for your children and guests.

Are you wondering how is frozen yogurt different from ice cream?

Frozen yogurt is also known as Froyo as well as Froghurt. It is considered to be a frozen dessert that is normally much lower in fat or calories as compared to other desserts and ice cream. Normally, frozen yogurt contains milk solids, milk fat, sweetener, and yogurt culture. Yogurt culture is done with the help of the age old and reliable Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These good bacteria have been in use since the time people started preparing yogurt at home. This type of yogurt also contains artificial or natural flavoring as well as artificial coloring.

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The good thing is that it is completely natural and healthy and can be prepared at home with ease. There are different types of flavorings that can also be added for taste. Some of the most popular flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and mint. You can also indulge in fruity flavors like banana, shredded coconut, pistachio, and berries.

If you are thinking how difficult can it be to prepare flavored frozen yogurt for your children then the answer is that it is easier than a game of pool! All you need is the right ingredients and a frozen yogurt maker. Believe it or not, homemade frozen yogurts would taste much better than the ones you have tasted from the fro-yo shops!

But, wait a minute! How do you find your frozen yogurt maker?

Looking for the Perfect Frozen Yogurt Maker?

When looking for a frozen yogurt maker there are several things you need to keep in mind. On top of that you need to check out the variety of makers available out there and this can be quite the task. So here are some pointers that will help you make a better and more informed decision.

  • Cost or Pricing: This is an important aspect and needs to be carefully examined. Frozen yogurt can be made using ice cream machines as well as frozen yogurt makers but both these type of machines will have different pricing and functionality. Whether you are planning to start your own store for frozen yogurt desserts or thinking of making them at home for the family or guests, look for equipment that fit your requirements. The factors that will determine or drive the cost include number of flavors and type of machine.
  • Dispensing system: A frozen yogurt maker is a type of soft serve equipment that can handle quality and quantity. The type of dispensing system you opt for will also drive you price and maintenance costs. There are basically two types of dispensing systems:
  • Single flavored dispense system: As the name suggests, this type of frozen yogurt makers can handle single flavors. So if everyone in your family loves vanilla or chocolate then you can do with this type of machine.
  • Multi flavored dispense system: This maker can churn out 2-3 different flavors and some machines can offer up to 6 flavors as well. This machine is perfect for shops or stores as well as families where each individual has a different taste.
  • Production of frozen yogurt: How much can the frozen yogurt maker produce? The quantity is a purely personal choice. If you need one for your home, then the quantity will depend on the requirements of each member. If you are thinking of opening a frozen yogurt store then obviously you will need a machine that can give you 4 to 6 times more production in the fastest possible time.
  • Type of freezers: A frozen yogurt maker can be divided into two types and they are:
  • Gravity freezers: This type of frozen yogurt maker works best for individuals and families that require low to medium production or capacity.

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  • Pressure freezers: This type of frozen yogurt machines cater to larger requirements like those of business and large family gatherings. These makers can churn out higher quantities especially during peak hours and at the same time ensure high level of consistency in texture and flavor.
  • Check for overruns: This is one of the least focused areas when it comes to buying a frozen yogurt maker. Overrun basically refers to the actual percentage of yogurt produced vis-à-vis the quantity that was put into the maker. For example: If you put around 150 volume ounces into the yogurt maker and the machine churns out 200 volume ounces then you can safely assume that it has an overrun of 50%. The point that needs to be remembered is that “high overrun is bad for business!” The creaminess that people find in frozen yogurt can be owed to the overrun and is nothing but air.
  • Maintenance and warranty: This is another aspect of a frozen yogurt maker that should be checked prior to purchasing and equipment. Most makers come with warranty on the machine and the wearable parts but it always pays to cross check the warranty. As for maintenance, look out for machines with lower maintenance. Ideally, you will need to clean your machine once in a while to ensure proper sanitation and consistent working.
  • Different factors: There are several other factors that you need to consider and they include:
  • Room temperature
  • Cooling capability of the machine
  • Hardness level control
  • Single or dual controls
  • Automated or manual controls
  • Service access from rear, front, and sides of the maker
  • Digital control panel
  • Type of servings like frozen yogurt, gelato, and ice cream

All said and done, a frozen yogurt maker is a machine you would love to own as it can help you to make natural, healthy, and flavored frozen yogurt almost effortlessly!

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