Dash Yogurt Maker Review

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4.5/5 on March 2, 2015

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74 reviews


This product offers loads of great advantages. This is specially design with features to render outstanding performance in preparing yogurt at home. You can also add some twist in your yogurt and ensure a healthier way to boost prebiotics and other vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body. The following are some of the yogurt maker’s outstanding benefits:

  • Great savings. Save money from buying yogurt in grocery stores which are only good on advertisements. Preparing your own yogurt using the Dash yogurt maker can offer you great savings while taking into consideration a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.
  • Easy operation. You don’t have to be a tech savy to operate the machine because its user-friendly feature allows you to prepare yogurt fast and easy. With manual and instructions included, you can have a better understanding on how the machine works.
  • Easy cleaning. Since this machine is only one jar, you can save time in cleaning it easily, likewise, the built-in strainer is much convenient to use than cheesecloth as well as easy to clean for storage or re-use.
  • Healthy Lifestyle. Prepare yogurt at home to ensure that you get all natural ingredients safe from additives or other artificial flavorings.


There are some users who would claim regarding the single jar design of the product. Though, this could be a great help in preparing yogurt and offers convenience, a few would still want multiple jars because they can make yogurt in various flavors.


Users have made their decision in rating the Dash Yogurt Maker. From 77 customer reviews at Amazon, this machine gained a score of 4.5 out from 5 stars. Everything promised in the feature really works except for a small fault. So much efficient machine that guarantees results on a price that is right!

The popularity of yogurt is increasing because of the immense benefits it provides especially to a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for the best yogurt that best fit your diet away from additives, thickeners or sugars, the Dash Yogurt Maker is the perfect choice for you. This offers the best reason to enjoy taking your calcium, protein, potassium and phosphorous rich sustenance. The Dash yogurt maker can make you achieve not only a healthy way to enjoy yogurt but likewise a perfect money saving alternative. The product could be your best buddy in preparing yogurt which you can enjoy in various ways – spread, dip, freeze or mix with granola or cereal for breakfast or salad dressing for snack time.

Exciting Features

The Dash Yogurt Maker is carefully designed to ensure that yogurt is made from an easy and comfortable process resulting to money-saving and healthy results. Below are some of the great features of this machine:

  • 1 Quart Capacity

Enjoy yogurt at home making 1 quart on the same container both for preparation and storage.

  • Adjustable Digital Timer

This feature alerts you when the yogurt is finished making it convenient to use your preparation time properly.

  • Easy clean Greek strainer

Spend a few time to clean up everything after preparing your favorite yogurt because this product is designed to provide an easy way to clean.

  • Recipe book included

If you are new to prepare your own yogurt, this product has included recipe book which serves as your guide in making a tasteful and delicious yogurt.

  • Simple and Compact Design

The design of this yogurt machine ensures to fit on your kitchen countertop especially in homes with limited space for a convenient preparation. Likewise, this one piece jar allows an easy way to clean and store than multi pieces jars.

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