Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Bonus Pack (Blue) Review

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4.5/5 on March 13, 2015

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70 reviews


If you are using the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Bonus Pack, you are guaranteeing the best way to prepare Greek home-made yogurt that is fresh, delicious and healthy. Here are some of the advantages in using the machine:

  • Ease of Use and Storage. One of the best benefits of this machine why it is an edge compared to other brands is its user-friendly maneuver and storage. Anyone can use the machine with ease as well as offers the safest way to clean and store it.
  • Great Savings. Buying this machine and using it in making your own Greek yogurt can save you great amount of money than buying at the stores. Because the machine is durable, you can use this for longer functionality without spending much on buying yogurt outside or replacing a new one.
  • Convenience. All components that comprise this unit are made from convenient features to provide the easiest way to prepare yogurt at home.


In additional to achieving the perfect consistency and texture of yogurt cooking, there are various clients who would give feedback on the small size of the timer. Some would prefer a much bigger one so you can monitor the progress of the cooking without closely staring at it. Overall, this simple shortfall is doable.


The Dash Greek Yogurt maker Bonus Pack achieved a good rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many users are very grateful about the comforts they have in preparing Greek yogurt using the machine. Not only you can achieve the perfect consistency and texture but you can as well use it with ease and convenience. This product with its warming customer review is worth an investment!

Greek yogurt is famous to be the best protein source as compared to traditional style. Now, you just can’t depend buying your favorite creamy Greek yogurt at stores because the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Bonus Pack offers you the best option to make your own yogurt. Achieve the texture and taste that you want by preparing your own Greek yogurt. This will give you the absolute opportunity to do some creativeness and experimentation in making yogurt. Whatever flavor and texture you wanted can be possibly gained using the machine’s exciting line of features. You will eventually experience a big difference between your own home-made or bought yogurt treat.

Improved Features

The Dash Greek Yogurt maker Bonus Pack is designed with enhanced features which are specifically intended to achieve the perfect Greek yogurt you always wanted to taste. Below are some of the features why this yogurt maker can satisfy your taste for the best Greek yogurt:

  • All-in-One Features. With a single yogurt maker unit, you can avail the following inclusive:
  • Strainer
  • 2 travel jars (1 for holding up 10oz at the bottom and another 3oz on top)
  • Base unit with lid
  • Start guide and recipe manual
  • BPA free bucket
  • 2 push pops which could hold 5oz of fluid
  • Prepares 2 quarts of yogurt. Make you own yogurt and still have plenty to be shared for everyone.
  • BPA free. Ensure that though there are plastic components compromising the built of this machine, it is free from toxics and safe to use.
  • Dishwasher safe. No worries of any parts that might get broken during washing or cleaning. Every component is dishwasher safe that allows easy cleaning.
  • Easy Storage. This feature provides simple storage which can be compactly stored inside the main base.

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