Chef’s Star Frozen Yogurt Maker Review

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4/5 on March 19, 2015

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29 reviews


  • A rather versatile machine weighing a mere 3.8 pounds which fits easily into any small cabinet or countertop in your kitchen
  • Produces much healthier and less expensive frozen desserts than ice cream
  • Fairly efficient and produces frozen fruit mixture with perfect consistency.
  • Relatively easy to disassemble so making for quick washing.


  • Does not have a chute that allows for larger chunks of frozen fruit to be funnelled into the ice crusher
  • Motor is extremely loud


The Chef’s Star comes as a highly recommended machine from previous buyers who can attest to the performance and quality produced by this device. This stylish machine comes bearing all the features that one would desire in creating healthy frozen desserts of your choice which with all things remaining equal, you would be making the right choice in getting this machine.

Simply imagine a machine that turns instantly your frozen fruits and flavourings into enjoyable and healthy soft-serve treats without additional fat, sugar or preservatives. If you are thinking of Chef’s Star Frozen Yogurt Maker, then you are on the right track. This simple crafted machine turns all your frozen fruits into soft serve fruit ice cream in a matter of minutes. Creating much to your satisfaction and health benefits, all the delightful tasty flavours you can ever imagine.

What is Spectacular about the Chef’s Star?

The Chef’s Star Frozen Yogurt and Dessert Maker stands out from the other frozen ice cream makers as it is gorgeous and stylish in design; a nice attractive addition to your kitchen. This frozen maker stands attractively at 3.8 pounds and is able to easily convert sliced fruits, berries and even dark chocolate into a delicious soft ice cream right there in your very own kitchen. This frozen maker basically makes great batches of decadent dessert, very healthy as it nothing but fruits. The features that make this device a definite to have in one’s kitchen are:

  • Quick and Simple

The Chef’s Star is very simple to use, just freeze your fruits, then pop it into the ice cream machine and in moments you are ready to eat whether it be a creamy sorbet or a soft serve style dessert. This yogurt maker is simple to assemble and disassemble and so making it easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

  • Instant with the Touch of a Button

At the touch of a button, one can create the most creamy and tastiest frozen fruit and yogurt desserts without additional fat, sugar or preservatives. With the Chef’s Star frozen maker, one can also add all the flavourings you desire such a peanut butter, nuts, sprinkles and chocolate to further enhance the taste of your healthy and delicious treat.

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